Vesak Day Grooming Salon

Professional Dog Grooming Service

Vesak Day full-service grooming salon and spa.

Highly personalized, caring attention for our canine and feline guests.

Contact us today! Consult with our pet stylists to ensure the best salon experience for your best friend.

Start With

Bath Experience

Beginning with a full brushout before the massaging bath, this pampering experience also includes a full pedicure, cleaning of the outer ears, and external expression of anal glands.

Styling Experience

Our pet stylists offer professional grooming services to keep your dog looking their best!

Dog Grooming Services

  • All dogs welcome: All breeds, all sizes, all ages;
  • Cuts: Professional work, breed-specific styles;
  • Baths: Specialty baths, flea baths, tick baths;
  • Other grooming services: Nail trims, anal gland expressing, ear cleaning;
  • Packages available: Please call or text for more information.

Easy-Grooming Dog Breeds

English Foxhound

Their short, lustrous coat requires only the occasional once over with the brush, making them simple to keep looking fancy.


With minimal grooming required, this breed is sure to make you and your furniture quite happy.

About us

Trey Slater Junior Consultant
All our staff are personable and have many years experience around pets so you can be assured that your pet will be in good hands. Our love for dogs, our positive attitude and openness, and sometimes even playtime guarantee that our customers feel comfortable and stress-free while being groomed.

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